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Neurexpert provides specialist neurophysiology expertise and bespoke electrophysiology assays for research into treatments of nervous system disorders

Advance your neuroscience research with our high-quality service underpinned by over 80 years combined experience and expertise spanning all key forms of preclinical electrophysiology.

We have a successful track record providing functional and mechanistic data on a wide range of diseases and targets, including:

  • psychiatry, neurology, pain and retinal neurodegeneration
  • ligand and voltage gated ion channels, GPCRs and electrogenic transporters

We also offer a consultancy service, advising on study plans through to analysis and interpretation of experimental findings and assistance in establishing new electrophysiology laboratories.

Translational Neuroscience: Neuronal Oscillations and the Electro-Encephalogram (EEG)

In humans, the EEG is a non-invasive method to record electrical brain activity. EEG recording is used extensively for research and diagnostic purposes in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions. Such recordings can show specific rhythmic activity that can be characteristic biomarkers of behavioural states or disease conditions.

At Neurexpert we can record rhythmic or oscillatory activity, such as gamma and theta oscillations, from the in vitro brain slice. This activity can be considered to model human EEG activity. This allows us to evaluate drug action in an in vitro system and relate this to brain activity that can be recorded from humans under different physiological and pathological conditions. This makes the recording of oscillatory activity in brain slices an important tool to translate from the laboratory to the clinical situation.

View the video to learn more about EEG recording and how the brain slice preparation can be used to model this activity for the purposes of drug discovery.

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